It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tanja and Kate use their wealth of coaching experience to help you take a step back and examine what’s important to you today, and what you can do to improve tomorrow.

With coaching and mentoring programmes individually tailored to suit you, they provide you with a personal toolkit to help you make positive and enduring changes for the better.

Life Coaching

At Giraffe Coaching, Tanja and Kate provide a platform for you to explore your desires, talents and dream. We are experts at recognising what’s holding you back from reaching your goals.
We look at the areas of your life that are important to you. Whether your focus is on your home and family, work, health or your friends, Giraffe Coaching can help you to stand taller.

In our experience, people turn to us when they want to achieve something and don’t know how to go about it. It’s helpful to talk to someone who is independent and impartial, someone who can inspire and guide you on the road to success.

We will help you break down challenges into manageable steps, to:

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Career Coaching

Roles that started out fitting in well with your life can become less rewarding as your circumstances change. Perhaps you took a career break to look after your family, or settled for a part time role that fitted in with your other commitments, but now life has moved on and you feel ready to take on something that stretches and inspires you more. The problem is how to move up to that next level in your career. Career Coaching can help.

At Giraffe Coaching we will guide you through strategies to take your career to the next level and discover:

We work with you over a series of one-to-one sessions to establish the answers to these questions. We are experienced in using DISC profiling to explore your working personality, and how you interact with others. We can examine your CV, or help you create a new one; conduct mock interviews and help you market yourself to your best advantage.

Career Coaching can motivate you to make a change for the better in your working life.

How It Works

Coaching is a partnership. In complete confidence, we ask you the challenging questions that help you decide what you want to achieve in your life, be it your career, your relationships, health, finances or whatever is currently important to you. We then support you as you work through the stages to achieve your aims.
So how does it work?

Introductory Session: a conversation and questionnaire about your personal and professional background which establishes what you really want to achieve.

Coaching Programme: a series of one to one sessions, each focused on an issue or aspect of your life that is important to you. These sessions can be face to face, over the phone or via skype: whatever works best for you.

Review Session: a chance to reflect on your progress and achievements, and how to stay on track.

Giraffe Coaching could be the impetus you need. Give Kate or Tanja a call for a no obligation chat, to see if there are areas where we can help you make a difference.

Is this for me?

If you know what you want but you:
  • don't know exactly how to make it happen or how to get there
  • want to reach your goal quicker or in a more focused way
  • have lots of ideas on how to achieve something but don't know where to start
  • want support to identify the best action plan and start to implement it
  • need that extra push and motivation when other things get in the way

Or, if you don't know what you want but you...
  • know it's not what you have at the moment and you want to take action
  • are willing to invest time and energy into discovering what it is

We are Giraffe Coaching

Kate Vaughan

I am a mum of three, rapidly growing, children. My first career was as a chartered surveyor and I gave that role up when I had my son, 17 years ago. A long career break, yes, but I have worn many hats in the meantime – I’m a school governor, run brownies, volunteer at my local Abbeyfield (old peoples) home and, most importantly, I run Giraffe Coaching with Tanja. I absolutely love all my different roles, they each bring with them different, yet transferable skills and I thrive on the variety they offer. I had my first taste of life coaching when I was living abroad. What I thought would be careers advice turned into a series of coaching sessions. I was so inspired by how I felt at the end of each session, I decided that what would make me really happy was to help others feel the same way I did and so the idea of becoming a coach was born. Coaching helped me recognise the value of the things I do and to build confidence in myself. Although life is often a juggling exercise, I feel very content with and fulfilled by the things I do.

Stick your neck out! It’s better to start something, knowing you may not succeed, than never to try.

Tanja Spittal

I come from a legal background; in a previous life I was a solicitor in the City before moving into recruitment where I loved matching lawyers to better roles. I chose to take a break from my career to concentrate on my three children, and over thirteen full years I took on many voluntary roles to fit around my family life. I started as a class representative at my son’s school, and went on to chair the parents’ association. At first I was daunted at the size of the commitment, but I found I loved the challenges it threw up, and I discovered a wealth of new skills, from organising quiz nights to fun runs. It built my confidence and spurred me on to qualify as a coach and set up my own business with Kate. Kate and I have known each other for several years and have recently come together to form Giraffe Coaching, combining our coaching skills and experience. I love what coaching has done for me and our aim is to help women like us looking to re-connect with their skills and talents and launch the next stage in their lives.

Be a giraffe: Aim High, Stand Tall, Be Strong, Get Spotted!

What People Say

The special thing about coaching is that it gives you time to focus on you, time to draw breath and consider what really matters. It feels luxurious to spend time on me. - Helen
Having your own personal cheerleader behind you makes life changes or decisions so much easier to understand and follow through. - Emma
Being able to unload my story to someone who wanted to listen helped me a great deal. I could then start to see my position with more clarity and less emotion. - Phil
Kate helped me to recognise the excuses I used for not doing what I need to and the many pitfalls I fall into. - Carole
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More Information

Terms and Conditions


We charge £45 for one session and whilst just one session with us will get you thinking about where you want to go, we recommend 5 sessions to help you make continued progress. This we can do at a reduced rate so give us a call for a free 15-minute consultation and we can discuss the best package for you.

What about a Code of Ethics and insurance?

As professional coaches we take our roles very seriously and promote a safe environment for you as well as ourselves.  A downloadable PDF copy of our code of ethics is available below and we hold current professional indemnity insurance.

What if I need to cancel a session?

If you want to re-schedule or cancel an appointment at least 24 hours before the session, there will be no charge. Cancellation any later or missing of the session in totality will incur 100% charge of the fee. We allocate a set time for each session so unfortunately, we cannot extend a session if you are late.
We are proud to support William's Fund.
Please click here for more information.

Positive Women

Under the umbrella of Positive Women, Tanja and Kate run workshops designed to help women find self-fulfilment when the kids are growing up. Often women come to our workshops not knowing what to expect (and perhaps a bit scared) but the venue and format is quite casual. Each workshop is geared towards equipping women with what they need to take the next step to gain their own fulfilment at whatever stage they are at in their lives.

Women come to listen, learn and share. Those who have attended previous workshops have said: “I absolutely loved being in a room full of inspirational and motivated women”; “I will take away the will to make a change and the reminder that I am important and have something to offer and more to learn.” And “there’s no set path, just try anything, give it a go and see where it takes you.”

The workshops are held locally and start with coffee and introductions followed by a thought provoking talk on the topic, some key tools and exercises to take away, a local Positive Woman telling her own story and finishing off with a bit of time to network. Topics range from social media; career coaching and cv writing; start ups; NLP and mindfulness and style and inspiration.

A couple of years ago Tanja and Kate felt dissatisfied. They had had long career breaks and were there (most of the time!) for their children but then felt they needed more. They trained to become life coaches, motivated by the opportunity to help others get out of the rut too. As Tanja says “We have found our identity again and it feels great to be making a difference”.

So our challenge to you is this: Giraffe Coaching is here to help you find fulfilment as you live the best life you can at whatever stage in life you are be is ….as mum/wife/individual/ whilst the kids are growing up and beyond.

So shake off those doubts and reasons for not doing something and come to one of our workshops to find that new focus and the new you! To find out more about the next workshops we are running please see the attached pdf. There’s always the Early Bird discounted rate for our workshops of £35 so make sure you book in early to benefit.

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